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1.4.x (stable) and 1.5 branch

Main page (announces)
Wiki (Tracker,Forum)
current 1.4.x release (GPG signature) (GPG signature) (GPG signature)
svn 1.4.xsvn checkout svn://
svn 1.5svn checkout svn://
git 1.4.xgit clone -b lighttpd-1.4.x git:// lighttpd-1.4.x
git 1.5git clone -b trunk git:// trunk
cgit 1.4.x snapshot
cgit 1.5 snapshot
You need to run ./ for the svn/git checkouts and the cgit snapshots; this requires autoconf and automake.
Use "git pull" to update git repositories and "svn up" to update svn checkouts.

2.0 development branch

gitgit clone git://
cgit snapshot